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Advise-me70.00Assessment services for the Advise-Me project (apache, education, library, program)2019-10-300.1BastiaanHeeren
Craft3e250.01Code for Haskell: the Craft of Functional Programming, 3rd ed. (education, library, mit, program)2019-01-
I1M100.00Code for the Haskell course taught at the University of Seville. (data-structures, education, gpl, library)2021-05-080.1.0Jose_A_Alonso
SoccerFun220.02Football simulation framework for teaching functional programming (ai, bsd3, education, game, library, program)2015-12-020.5.3JanRochel
SoccerFunGL70.01OpenGL UI for the SoccerFun framework (ai, bsd3, education, game, library, program)2015-12-020.5.3JanRochel
TicTacToe80.01A sub-project (exercise) for a functional programming course (bsd3, education, library)2011-02-150.0.1TonyMorris
activehs140.01Haskell code presentation tool (bsd3, documentation, education, program)2017-07-300.3.2PeterDivianszky, lspitzner, GaborPali, gombocarti
activehs-base130.01Basic definitions for activehs (bsd3, documentation, education, library)2016-05-, lspitzner, GaborPali, gombocarti
clanki330.01Command-line spaced-repetition software (education, mit, program)2016-10-051.2.7marcusbuffett
crypto-enigma482.01An Enigma machine simulator with display. (bsd3, cryptography, education, library, program)2019-10-
dia-base130.02An EDSL for teaching Haskell with diagrams - data types (bsd3, education, graphics, library)2016-05-, lspitzner, GaborPali
dia-functions170.01An EDSL for teaching Haskell with diagrams - functions (bsd3, education, graphics, library)2016-05-, lspitzner, GaborPali
hscurses-fish-ex130.01hscurses swimming fish example (console, development, education, help, program, user-interfaces)2018-01-081.3.2DinoMorelli
ideas180.03Feedback services for intelligent tutoring systems (apache, education, library)2019-09-131.8AlexGerdes, BastiaanHeeren, JohanJeuring
ideas-math30.01Interactive domain reasoner for logic and mathematics (education, program)2015-04-091.2BastiaanHeeren
ideas-math-types80.01Common types for mathematical domain reasoners (apache, education, library)2019-10-301.1BastiaanHeeren
ideas-statistics60.00Interactive domain reasoner for statistics (apache, education, program)2020-04-031.0BastiaanHeeren
imj-game-hamazed22.00A game with flying numbers and 8-bit color animations. (animation, application, bsd3, education, game, graphics, library, program)2018-01-
io-machine120.01Easy I/O model to learn IO monad (bsd3, education, library)2016-04-
lambda-canvas10.01Educational drawing canvas for FP explorers. (education, graphics, library, mit)2012-08-290.1DimitrySolovyov
memscript70.01Command line utility for memorizing scriptures or any other text (education, program)2015-10-
onu-course30.01Code for the Haskell course taught at the Odessa National University in 2012 (education, library, mit)2012-09-201RomanCheplyaka
producer70.01Simple streaming datatype (education, library, mit)2017-10-
pure-io92.01Pure IO monad. (bsd3, development, education, library)2014-06-300.2.1ChrisDone
risc386110.01Reduced instruction set i386 simulator (bsd3, compilers-interpreters, education, program)2022-01-280.0.20220128AndreasAbel
smartword60.01Web based flash card for Word Smart I and II vocabularies (bsd3, education, program, web)2009-03-
turing50.01A simple simulator for Turing machines (education, library)2015-10-030.1.1SebastianPoeplau
twentefp50.01Lab Assignments Environment at Univeriteit Twente (bsd3, education, library)2013-09-020.4.2ChristiaanBaaij
twentefp-eventloop-graphics (deprecated in favor of eventloop)60.04Used as Lab Assignments Environment at the University of Twente (bsd3, deprecated, education, graphics, library)2014-10-
twentefp-graphs (deprecated)70.01Lab Assignments Environment at Univeriteit Twente (bsd3, deprecated, education, library)2015-04-
twentefp-number60.03Lab Assignments Environment at Univeriteit Twente (bsd3, education, library)2014-09-
wxhnotepad100.01An example of how to implement a basic notepad with wxHaskell (bsd3, development, editor, education, ide, program)2010-05-121.2.0FernandoBenavides