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Graphalyze230.03Graph-Theoretic Analysis library. (algorithms, graphs, library)2017-05-
OGDF20.00Haskell binding to OGDF (bsd2, graphs, library)2023-07-
algebraic-graphs2722.7520A library for algebraic graph construction and transformation (algebra, algorithms, data-structures, graphs, library, mit)2022-06-200.7snowleopard
algebraic-graphs-io190.00I/O utilities and datasets for algebraic-graphs (bsd3, data-mining, graphs, library, parsing)2022-08-
conic-graphs210.00Vinyl-style extensible graphs. (bsd3, graphs, library, vinyl)2021-09-
dataflow200.01Generate Graphviz documents from a Haskell representation. (bsd3, code-generation, compiler, graphs, library, program)2015-08-
deptrack-core40.02DepTrack Core types and model. (apache, graphs, library)2018-09-
deptrack-dot20.01Facilitate Graphviz representations of DepTrack dependencies. (apache, graphs, library)2018-09-
dom-lt1560.03The Lengauer-Tarjan graph dominators algorithm. (algorithms, bsd3, graphs, library)2021-11-120.2.3MattMorrow, AndreasK
dot340.02Datatypes and encoding for graphviz dot files (bsd3, data, graphics, graphs, library)2019-03-150.3andrewthad, chessai
edges200.01Tools for efficient immutable graphs (graphs, library, mit)2018-08-310.11.0.3NikitaVolkov
fcf-graphs50.01Type-level version of algebraic-graphs. (algebra, graphs, library, mit, types)2021-09-
fgl2972.75113Martin Erwig's Functional Graph Library (bsd3, data-structures, graphs, library)2023-10-, MartinErwig, TroelsHenriksen
fgl-arbitrary440.01QuickCheck support for fgl (bsd3, graphs, library, testing)2020-08-
fgl-extras-decompositions40.02Graph decomposition algorithms (bsd3, data-structures, graphs, library)2015-05-
fgl-visualize470.05Convert FGL graphs to dot (graphviz) files (bsd3, graphs, library)2013-05-, haskell_github_trust
grakn40.01A Haskell client for Grakn (apache, database, graphs, library)2017-12-180.3.0graknlabs
graph-generators292.01Functions for generating structured or random FGL graphs (algorithms, apache, graphs, library, program)2018-06-
graph-matchings42.01An implementation of algorithms for matchings in graphs (data-structures, graphs, lgpl, library)2014-11-
graph-rewriting220.06Monadic graph rewriting of hypergraphs with ports and multiedges (bsd3, graphs, library)2023-12-040.8.0JanRochel
graph-rewriting-cl (deprecated in favor of graph-rewriting-trs)30.01Interactive graph rewriting system implementing various well-known combinators (application, bsd3, deprecated, graphs, program)2011-02-070.2.2JanRochel
graph-rewriting-gl370.03OpenGL interface for interactive port graph rewriting (bsd3, graphics, graphs, library)2017-05-230.7.8JanRochel
graph-rewriting-layout160.04Force-directed node placement intended for incremental graph drawing (bsd3, graphics, graphs, library)2017-05-230.5.6JanRochel
graph-rewriting-strategies90.01Evaluation strategies for port-graph rewriting systems (bsd3, graphics, graphs, library)2017-05-230.2.6JanRochel
graph-utils90.01A simple wrapper & quasi quoter for fgl. (bsd3, data, data-structures, graphs, library)2010-06-290.3.7HiromiIshii
graph-wrapper590.03A wrapper around the standard Data.Graph with a less awkward interface (bsd3, data-structures, graphs, library)2019-01-, SoenkeHahn
graphite640.02Graphs and networks library (bsd3, data-structures, graphs, library)2019-06-, DanielCampoverde
graphql-w-persistent292.01GraphQL interface middleware for SQL databases. (data, database, development, graphs, language, library)2020-09-
graphs350.01A simple monadic graph library (algorithms, bsd3, data-structures, graphs, library)2022-05-070.7.2EdwardKmett, ryanglscott
graphviz2282.2551Bindings to Graphviz for graph visualisation. (bsd3, graphics, graphs, library)2023-12-132999.20.2.0DanielDiaz, IvanMiljenovic, MatthewSackman
graql50.01Execute Graql queries on a Grakn graph (apache, database, graphs, library)2017-01-130.1.1aelred
haggle270.00A graph library offering mutable, immutable, and inductive graphs (bsd3, data-structures, graphs, library)2023-08-210.3TristanRavitch
hit-graph30.01Use graph algorithms to access and manipulate Git repos (development, git, graphs, library, public-domain)2016-04-090.1akrasner
igraph52.01Bindings to the igraph C library. (bsd3, data-structures, graphs, library)2013-01-150.1.1NilsSchweinsberg
intmap-graph210.01A graph library that allows to explore edges after their type (bsd3, graphs, library)2020-08-
maxsharing100.01Maximal sharing of terms in the lambda calculus with letrec (bsd3, compiler, graphs, program)2016-10-171.1JanRochel
metamorphic70.01metamorphisms: ana . cata or understanding folds and unfolds (algebra, graphs, library, recursion)2012-07-
nix-graph170.00Reify the Nix build graph into a Haskell graph data structure (bsd3, graphs, library, nix, program)2022-05-, evanrelf, jsoo
pangraph60.02A set of parsers for graph languages and conversions to graph libaries. (bsd3, data-structures, graphs, library, parser)2018-10-050.2.1thisiswhereitype
planar-graph30.01A representation of planar graphs (bsd3, data, graphs, library, maths)2012-04-
random-cycle40.00Uniform draws of partitions and cycle-partitions, with thinning. (gpl, graphs, library, math)2023-11-
stacked-dag250.00Ascii DAG(Directed acyclic graph) for visualization of dataflow (bsd3, graphics, graphs, library, program)2018-10-
unordered-graphs70.01Graph library using unordered-containers (data-structures, graphs, library, mit)2016-07-
xdot660.02Parse Graphviz xdot files and interactively view them using GTK and Cairo (bsd3, graphics, graphs, library, program)2024-01-