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autonix-deps (deprecated)160.0Library for Nix expression dependency generation (bsd3, deprecated, library, nix)2015-06-25ThomasTuegel
autonix-deps-kf5 (deprecated)150.0Generate dependencies for KDE 5 Nix expressions (bsd3, deprecated, library, nix, program)2015-06-25ThomasTuegel
cabal2nix4890.0Convert Cabal files into Nix build instructions. (bsd3, distribution, library, nix, program)2021-07-29PeterSimons, sternenseemann, jophish, cdepillabout, maralorn
cachix580.0Command line client for Nix binary cache hosting (apache, library, nix, program)2021-06-21domenkozar
cachix-api380.0Servant HTTP API specification for (apache, library, nix)2021-01-08domenkozar
cli-nix80.0Bindings to the nix command-line interface (bindings, bsd3, library, nix)2020-11-24RyanTrinkle, abrar
dhall-nixpkgs960.0Convert Dhall projects to Nix packages (bsd3, nix, program)2021-08-21GabrielGonzalez, sjakobi
distribution-nixpkgs2090.0Types and functions to manipulate the Nixpkgs distribution (bsd3, distribution, library, nix)2021-10-12PeterSimons, sternenseemann, jophish, cdepillabout, maralorn
haskell-overridez112.0Manage nix overrides for haskell packages (bsd3, distribution, nix, program)2018-07-26adetokunbo
hercules-ci-agent170.0Runs Continuous Integration tasks on your machines (apache, ci, devops, library, nix, program, testing)2021-09-06RobertHensing
hercules-ci-api-agent220.0API definition for Hercules CI Agent to talk to or Hercules CI Enterprise (apache, api, ci, devops, library, nix, testing)2021-09-06RobertHensing
hercules-ci-api-core120.0Types and convenience modules use across Hercules CI API packages (apache, api, ci, devops, library, nix, testing)2021-06-22RobertHensing
hercules-ci-cnix-expr40.0Bindings for the Nix evaluator (apache, ci, devops, library, nix, testing)2021-06-22RobertHensing
hercules-ci-cnix-store140.0Haskell bindings for Nix's libstore (apache, library, nix)2021-09-06RobertHensing
hnix802.5Haskell implementation of the Nix language (bsd3, data, library, nix, system)2021-07-08JohnWiegley, sjakobi, AntonLatukha
hnix-store-core580.0Core effects for interacting with the Nix store. (apache, library, nix)2021-06-10imalsogreg, shlevy, srk, AntonLatukha
hnix-store-remote550.0Remote hnix store (apache, library, nix)2021-06-10shlevy, srk, AntonLatukha
jenkinsPlugins2nix140.0Generate nix for Jenkins plugins. (bsd3, library, nix, program)2021-08-16MateuszKowalczyk, ThomasBach
language-nix610.0Data types and functions to represent the Nix language (bsd3, distribution, language, library, nix)2019-09-21PeterSimons, sternenseemann, jophish, cdepillabout, maralorn
libnix91.75Bindings to the nix package manager (foreign, gpl, library, nix)2018-08-11Profpatsch
nix-freeze-tree60.0Convert a tree of files into fixed-output derivations (agpl, application, library, nix, program)2020-01-25jack
nix-graph30.0Reify the Nix build graph into a Haskell graph data structure (bsd3, graphs, library, nix, program)2021-05-28GabrielGonzalez, evanrelf, lambdadog
nix-narinfo70.0Parse and render .narinfo files (bsd3, library, nix, program)2020-06-03srk
nix-paths180.0Knowledge of Nix's installation directories. (bsd3, distribution, library, nix)2017-12-05PeterSimons
nix-thunk100.0Lightweight dependency management with Nix (bsd3, git, library, nix, program)2021-04-16RyanTrinkle, abrar
nixfromnpm210.0Generate nix expressions from npm packages. (mit, nix, program, tools)2016-07-14thinkpad20
nvfetcher700.0Generate nix sources expr for the latest version of packages (library, mit, nix, program)2021-09-26berberman
runmany150.0Run multiple commands, interleaving output and errors (bsd3, data, nix, program, system)2018-04-26JohnWiegley
servant-nix70.0Servant Nix content-type (bsd3, library, nix, servant, web)2018-06-13AlpMestanogullari, DavidJohnson, phadej, MatthiasFischmann, maksbotan, arianvp
simple-nix100.0Simple parsing/pretty printing for Nix expressions (library, mit, nix)2015-06-23thinkpad20
stack2nix250.0Convert stack.yaml files into Nix build instructions. (distribution, library, mit, nix, program)2019-04-29domenkozar, iohk_devops
stackage2nix270.0Convert Stack files into Nix build instructions. (bsd3, distribution, library, nix, program)2018-07-26typeable, dbushev
update-nix-fetchgit230.0A program to update fetchgit values in Nix expressions (bsd3, library, nix, program)2021-07-21jophish, srk, jpierre03
yarn2nix130.0Convert yarn.lock files to nix expressions (distribution, library, mit, nix, program)2019-12-22Profpatsch