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Last U/L
aeson-result50.0API Result for aeson (aeson, api, bsd3, library, web)2022-04-24Lupino
alerta140.0Bindings to the alerta REST API (api, bsd3, library, monitoring, web)2017-11-12MarkHopkins
approveapi20.0ApproveAPI Haskell Client (api, client, library, mit)2019-04-01kcking
arxiv100.0A client for the Arxiv API (api, arxiv, library, network, networkapi)2020-12-18TobiasSchoofs
bighugethesaurus60.0API wrapper for Big Huge Thesaurus (api, language, library)2015-12-28TheKing
cicero-api60.0API bindings to IOHK's Cicero job scheduler (apache, api, library, program)2022-10-12shlevy
circlehs62.0The CircleCI REST API for Haskell (api, library, mit, web)2016-04-28dshevchenko
dialogflow-fulfillment210.0A Dialogflow Fulfillment library for Haskell. (api, bsd3, library)2021-05-12mauriciofierrom
doublify-toolkit40.0Doublify API toolkit for Haskell (api, library, mit)2017-04-03fdhadzh
dropbox100.0Dropbox API client (api, library, mit, program)2020-10-23Jappie
exchangerates50.0A Haskell client for (api, bsd3, library)2018-07-28Norfair
factual-api440.0A driver for the Factual API (api, bsd3, library, web)2012-11-08RudigerLippert
fixer42.0A Haskell client for (api, bsd3, library)2018-01-28Norfair API client (api, bsd3, library, network)2019-06-09cblp
hercules-ci-api-agent500.0API definition for Hercules CI Agent to talk to or Hercules CI Enterprise (apache, api, ci, devops, library, nix, testing)2022-11-14RobertHensing
hercules-ci-api-core270.0Types and convenience modules use across Hercules CI API packages (apache, api, ci, devops, library, nix, testing)2022-11-14RobertHensing
jpl-horizons-api80.0Ephemerides for solar system objects from the JPL Horizons service (api, astronomy, bsd3, library, program)2022-03-12ocramz library (api, library, mit)2017-04-22aaron
leankit-api100.0LeanKit API (api, library, mit)2014-01-04dtorok
messente80.0Messente SMS Gateway (api, library, mit)2015-04-04kaiko
nylas40.0Client for the Nylas API (api, bsd3, library, network)2015-08-24bts
oanda-rest-api110.0Client to the OANDA REST API (api, bsd3, library)2017-06-13jdreaver
pagerduty-hs60.0An interface to the PagerDuty API. (api, bsd3, library)2021-07-18dustin
plotserver-api80.0Plotserver API (api, library, mit)2014-01-04dtorok
pokitdok (deprecated)70.0PokitDok Platform API Client for Haskell (api, deprecated, library, mit)2015-03-20Decryptic
pubnub110.0PubNub Haskell SDK (api, cloud, library, mit, program)2014-05-05tsloughter API library (api, bsd3, data, library, web)2015-05-18PeterVanDenBrand
rdioh160.0A Haskell wrapper for Rdio's API. (api, library, mit, network, program, web)2013-06-07AdityaBhargava
reflex-gadt-api132.0Interact with a GADT API in your reflex-dom application. (api, bsd3, frp, library, network, program)2022-12-05CaleGibbard, JohnEricson, abrar
servant-to-elm200.0Automatically generate Elm clients for Servant APIs (api, bsd3, compiler, elm, library, servant)2021-10-11OlleFredriksson, seagreen
speechmatics240.0Speechmatics api client (api, bsd3, library, program)2018-07-11christianmarie, Jappie, cheewee_phua
strive1160.0A client for the Strava V3 API. (api, library, mit)2022-08-27taylorfausak, fozworth
tablestorage100.0Azure Table Storage REST API Wrapper (api, bsd3, database, library, web)2012-12-22PhilFreeman
textocat-api50.0Unofficial Haskell SDK for Textocat API -- (apache, api, library, natural-language-processing, network)2015-05-22MZiatdinov
themoviedb330.0Haskell API bindings for (api, library, mit, network, program)2022-07-13PeterJones
twfy-api-client70.0They Work For You API Client Library (api, bsd3, library, program)2017-01-01wiggly
uploadcare20.0Haskell client for Uploadcare. (api, library, mit, web)2012-10-06DimitrySolovyov
voicebase122.0Upload audio files to voicebase to get a transcription (api, bsd3, library, program)2018-11-01ChristianMarie, Jappie, cheewee_phua
weather-api220.0Weather API implemented in Haskell (api, library, mit)2017-05-31PeterGoncharov
zendesk-api30.0Zendesk API for Haskell programming language. (api, library, mit)2014-08-02VictorDenisov