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Numbers120.01An assortment of number theoretic functions (algorithms, library, number-theory)2009-04-170.2.1AdrianNeumann
arithmetic130.01Natural number arithmetic (library, mit, number-theory, program)2020-03-111.6JoeHurd
arithmoi1032.023Efficient basic number-theoretic functions. (algorithms, library, math, mit, number-theory)2023-07-, DanielFischer, HerbertValerioRiedel, Bodigrim
factor140.00Factoring integers and polynomials (library, mit, number-theory, program)2022-06-151.6JoeHurd
factory590.05Rational arithmetic in an irrational world. (gpl, library, math, number-theory, program)2021-08-, LennartAugustsson
fast-arithmetic1432.01Fast functions on integers. (algorithms, ats, bsd3, combinatorics, ffi, library, math, number-theory, numerics)2022-01-
integer-logarithms2460.026Integer logarithms. (algorithms, library, math, mit, number-theory)2020-11-
integer-roots500.05Integer roots and perfect powers (algorithms, library, math, mit, number-theory)2021-11-
mod1602.06Fast type-safe modular arithmetic (library, math, mit, number-theory)2023-02-
nth-prime110.01Computing the nth prime (mit, number-theory, program)2015-05-131.2JoeHurd
opentheory-divides120.02The divides relation on natural numbers (library, mit, number-theory)2015-10-191.66JoeHurd
opentheory-fibonacci70.01Fibonacci numbers (library, mit, number-theory)2015-10-191.72JoeHurd
opentheory-prime200.02Prime natural numbers (library, mit, number-theory)2015-10-191.85JoeHurd
padic50.00Fast, type-safe p-adic arithmetic (library, math, mit, number-theory)2022-02-
pell80.01Package to solve the Generalized Pell Equation. (algorithms, library, math, mit, number-theory)2019-11-
primecount110.00Bindings to the primecount library (bsd3, library, math, number-theory)2023-08-
primesieve100.00FFI bindings for the primesieve library. (algorithms, foreign, library, math, mit, number-theory, program)2024-03-170.2.0sighingnow