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Configger80.01Parse config files (configuration, library, mit)2011-12-260.1NateSoares
SConfig (deprecated)82.01A simple config library (configuration, deprecated, library, mit)2014-10-14fgaz
app-settings370.01A library to manage application settings (INI file-like) (bsd3, configuration, library)2018-10-
aws-configuration-tools70.00Configuration types, parsers & renderers for AWS services (apache, cloud, configuration, library)2015-05-
bini182.01A collection of various methods for reading and writing bini files. (bsd3, configuration, data, library)2016-01-220.1.5TWeise
boots-app210.02Factory for quickly building an application (application, configuration, health, library, logger, mit, program, random)2019-09-
cfg202.00Type directed application configuration parsing and accessors (configuration, library, mit)2024-04-
conf62.01Parser for Haskell-based configuration files. (bsd3, configuration, library, parsing)2015-07-
conf-json160.01read, parse json config (configuration, json, library, public-domain)2018-07-201.2procione
conferer252.013Configuration management library (configuration, library, mpl)2021-03-
conferer-aeson210.02conferer's source for reading json files (configuration, library, mpl)2021-12-
conferer-dhall120.00Configuration for reading dhall files (configuration, library, mpl)2021-03-
conferer-hedis130.00conferer's FromConfig instances for hedis settings (configuration, library, mpl)2021-03-
conferer-hspec190.00conferer's FromConfig instances for hspec Config (configuration, library, mpl)2021-03-
conferer-provider-dhall (deprecated in favor of conferer-source-dhall)50.00Configuration for reading dhall files (bsd3, configuration, deprecated, library)2020-03-
conferer-provider-json (deprecated in favor of conferer-source-json)90.02conferer's provider for reading json files (bsd3, configuration, deprecated, library)2020-03-
conferer-provider-yaml (deprecated in favor of conferer-source-yaml)50.00Configuration for reading yaml files (bsd3, configuration, deprecated, library)2020-03-
conferer-snap190.00conferer's FromConfig instances for snap Config (configuration, library, mpl)2020-12-301.0.0.0ludat
conferer-source-dhall (deprecated in favor of conferer-dhall)70.00Configuration for reading dhall files (configuration, deprecated, library, mpl)2020-06-
conferer-source-json (deprecated in favor of conferer-aeson)60.02conferer's source for reading json files (configuration, deprecated, library, mpl)2020-06-
conferer-source-yaml (deprecated in favor of conferer-yaml)60.00Configuration for reading yaml files (configuration, deprecated, library, mpl)2020-06-
conferer-warp190.00conferer's FromConfig instances for warp settings (configuration, library, mpl)2022-12-
conferer-yaml140.00Configuration for reading yaml files (configuration, library, mpl)2021-03-
config-ini1350.08A library for simple INI-based configuration files. (bsd3, configuration, library)2023-11-
config-manager120.01Configuration management (configuration, data, gpl, library)2016-08-
config-value-getopt50.01Interface between config-value and System.GetOpt (configuration, library, mit)2019-10-, galoisinc
configifier150.01parser for config files, shell variables, command line args. (agpl, configuration, data, library)2016-07-050.1.1MatthiasFischmann
configuration-tools412.05Tools for specifying and parsing configurations (configuration, console, library, mit, program)2023-06-230.7.0larsk, fosskers
configurator551.7550Configuration management (bsd3, configuration, data, library)2014-07-
configurator-export160.01Pretty printer and exporter for configurations from the "configurator" library. (bsd3, configuration, data, library)2016-05-
configurator-ng51.251The next generation of configuration management (bsd3, configuration, data, library)2016-10-310.0.0.1LeonSmith
configurator-pg592.01Reduced parser for configurator-ng config files (bsd3, configuration, data, library)2024-03-070.2.10vollmert, steve_chavez, LaurenceIsla
descrilo160.01Loads a list of items with fields (configuration, data, gpl, library, parser)2018-11-
dojang50.00A cross-platform dotfiles manager (configuration, gpl, library, program)2023-11-250.1.0hongminhee
dotenv1120.05Loads environment variables from dotenv files (configuration, library, mit, program)2024-02-, jpvillaisaza, stackbuilders, sestrella, camm, dbalseiro
dotenv-micro100.00Tiny dotenv library (bsd3, configuration, library)2023-07-
dyre440.020Dynamic reconfiguration in Haskell (bsd3, configuration, development, library)2023-05-180.9.2WillDonnelly, frasertweedale
embed-config40.00Reasonable conventions for embedding YAML configuration with Template Haskell (bsd3, configuration, library)2022-07-
etc160.02Declarative configuration spec for Haskell projects (configuration, library, mit, system)2018-08-
expresso50.00A simple expressions language based on row types (bsd3, configuration, library, program)2020-04-
from-env190.00Provides a generic way to construct values from environment variables. (configuration, library, mit)2023-08-
global-config80.01Global mutable configuration (bsd3, configuration, library)2012-05-100.3.1AlexanderDorofeev
hsini312.03ini configuration files (bsd3, configuration, data, library)2023-09-
htoml170.07Parser for TOML files (bsd3, configuration, data, json, language, library, parser, text)2016-11-
htoml-megaparsec330.04Parser for TOML files (bsd3, configuration, data, language, library, text, toml)2023-10-
ini1260.012Configuration files in the INI format. (bsd3, configuration, data, library)2022-07-250.4.2AndreasAbel, ChrisDone, chris_martin
ini-qq50.01Quasiquoter for INI (bsd3, configuration, data, library)2016-07-
json2sg40.00Lossy conversion from JSON to Sugar (configuration, library, program, text)2022-07-290.0.1jxv
karabiner-config40.00Karabiner elements configuration generation (bsd3, configuration, library)2021-08-
keylayouts130.00Tools for macOS .keylayout files (configuration, library, mit, xml)2020-12-
life-sync92.250Synchronize personal configs across multiple machines. (cli, cli-tool, configuration, development, library, mpl, program)2020-05-
load-env250.03Load environment variables from a file. (bsd3, configuration, library)2019-06-
minimal-configuration170.01Minimal ini like configuration library with a few extras (configuration, library, system)2019-10-280.1.4MariusGhita
richenv340.00Rich environment variable setup for Haskell (configuration, library, mit)2024-05-
salak450.010Configuration (re)Loader and Parser. (configuration, library, mit)2020-03-200.3.6leptonyu
salak-toml (deprecated)210.00Configuration Loader for toml (configuration, deprecated, library, mit)2019-08-300.3.5.3leptonyu
salak-yaml300.02Configuration Loader for yaml (configuration, library, mit)2019-08-
sugar50.03A pretty, sweet data language (configuration, library, text)2022-07-300.0.1.1jxv
sugar-data40.00Convert sugar to common data types for code generation (configuration, library, text)2022-07-300.0.0.0jxv
sugar-json60.00Sugar with JSON (configuration, library, text)2022-07-
tce-conf190.01Very simple config file reading (bsd3, configuration, library, program)2016-10-101.3DinoMorelli
tini40.00Tiny INI file and configuration library with a minimal dependency footprint. (configuration, library, mit)2020-10-
toml-reader310.03TOML format parser compliant with v1.0.0. (bsd3, configuration, library, text, toml)2023-06-
tomland1572.514Bidirectional TOML serialization (configuration, library, mpl, text, toml)2024-06-, vrom911
typeparams70.01Lens-like interface for type level parameters; allows unboxed unboxed vectors and supercompilation (bsd3, configuration, data, dependent-types, library, optimization)2015-01-260.0.6MikeIzbicki
ucl140.00Datatype and parser for the Universal Configuration Language (UCL) using libucl (bsd3, configuration, data, library)2022-03-
yaml-config160.01Configuration management (configuration, library, mit)2016-03-170.4.0FedorGogolev, MaximMitroshin