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arbor-monad-metric160.01Core metric library for publishing metrics. (library, metrics, mit)2019-10-171.2.1newhoggy, haskellworks, arbornetworks
arbor-monad-metric-datadog70.00Metric library backend for datadog. (library, metrics, mit)2019-11-181.1.2newhoggy, haskellworks, arbornetworks
hs-opentelemetry-api290.013OpenTelemetry API for use by libraries for direct instrumentation or wrapper packages. (bsd3, library, metrics, monitoring, observability, opentelemetry, telemetry)2022-08-
hs-opentelemetry-exporter-otlp240.01OpenTelemetry exporter supporting the standard OTLP protocol (bsd3, library, metrics, monitoring, observability, opentelemetry, telemetry)2022-11-
hs-opentelemetry-sdk300.01OpenTelemetry SDK for use in applications. (bsd3, library, metrics, monitoring, observability, opentelemetry, telemetry)2022-11-
metricsd-client10.01Client for the metrics aggregator Metricsd (bsd3, library, metrics, monitoring, network)2014-01-020.1JanVornberger
nagios-check210.02Package for writing monitoring plugins (library, metrics, mit, monitoring, system)2015-09-010.3.2fractalcat
network-metrics330.01Send metrics to Ganglia, Graphite, and statsd. (library, metrics, monitoring)2014-08-060.4BrendanHay, KimAltintop
prometheus1852.04Prometheus Haskell Client (bsd3, library, metrics, monitoring, system, web)2022-01-122.2.3wraithm, LukeHoersten
statsdi80.01A lovely [Dog]StatsD implementation (library, metrics, mit)2018-10-