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Last Version
polysemy-RandomFu120.00Experimental, RandomFu effect and interpreters for polysemy (bsd3, library, polysemy)2022-04-
polysemy-check50.00QuickCheck for Polysemy (bsd3, library, polysemy)2022-12-
polysemy-extra180.05Extra Input and Output functions for polysemy. (library, mit, polysemy)2022-09-
polysemy-fskvstore30.01Run a KVStore as a filesystem in polysemy. (library, mit, polysemy)2022-12-
polysemy-kvstore20.04KVStore effect for polysemy. (library, mit, polysemy)2022-08-
polysemy-kvstore-jsonfile10.00Run a KVStore as a single json file in polysemy. (library, mit, polysemy)2021-07-
polysemy-methodology150.05Domain modelling algebra for polysemy (library, mit, polysemy)2022-09-
polysemy-methodology-co-log10.00Logging functions for polysemy-methodology. (library, mit, polysemy)2021-07-
polysemy-methodology-composite50.02Functions for using polysemy-methodology with composite. (composite, library, mit, modelling, polysemy, polysemy-vinyl-composite, vinyl)2020-11-
polysemy-path30.01Polysemy versions of Path functions. (library, mit, polysemy)2021-07-
polysemy-plugin540.047Disambiguate obvious uses of effects. (bsd3, library, polysemy)2023-09-, tek, TheMatten, KingoftheHomeless
polysemy-several20.02Run several effects at once, taken from the polysemy-zoo. (library, mit, polysemy)2022-09-
polysemy-socket20.00Socket effect for polysemy. (library, mit, polysemy)2021-07-300.0.2.0locallycompact
polysemy-uncontrolled40.00Uncontrolled toy effect for polysemy. (library, mit, polysemy)2022-10-
polysemy-video20.01Experimental video processing DSL for polysemy. (library, mit, polysemy, video, video-polysemy)2021-07-
polysemy-zoo210.013Experimental, user-contributed effects and interpreters for polysemy (bsd3, library, polysemy)2023-08-, tek, TheMatten, KingoftheHomeless