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compdoc150.02Parse a Pandoc to a composite value. (composite, library, mit, pandoc, text)2021-07-
compdoc-dhall-decoder130.00Allows you to write FromDhall instances for Compdoc (bsd3, composite, dhall, library, pandoc)2021-07-
composite-cassava210.01Csv parsing functionality for composite. (composite, csv, library, mit)2021-09-
composite-dhall190.00Dhall instances for composite records. (composite, data, dhall, library, mit)2022-09-
composite-lens-extra130.00Extra lens functions for composite. (composite, data, lens, library, mit)2022-09-
composite-tuple140.01Tuple functions for composite records. (composite, data-structures, library, mit)2020-09-
composite-xml60.00RecXML Type (composite, data, library, mit, xml)2022-07-
fcf-composite120.00Type-level computation for composite using first-class-families. (composite, library, mit, types)2021-08-
polysemy-methodology-composite120.02Functions for using polysemy-methodology with composite. (composite, library, mit, modelling, polysemy, polysemy-vinyl-composite, vinyl)2020-11-