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apply-unordered50.0Apply a function to an argument specified by a type level Nat (acme, bsd3, compiler-plugin, functions, library)2021-03-26MichaelSloan
apply-unordered-mono30.0Apply functions to arguments in an unordered type-directed fashion (acme, bsd3, functions, library)2021-03-26MichaelSloan
flow1062.5Write more understandable Haskell. (combinators, functions, library, mit, utility)2022-08-27fozworth
flow-er110.0More directional operators (combinators, functions, library, mit, utility)2016-06-13expede
invert222.0Automatically generate a function’s inverse (apache, functions, library)2022-03-15chris_martin, Monoid_Mary
op10.0Common operators encouraging large-scale easy reading (apache, combinators, control, functions, library, utility)2019-12-20infinity0
overhang132.25Hang loose with your lambdas! (combinators, functions, library, mit, utility)2018-02-02jship
poly-arity210.0Tools for working with functions of undetermined arity (bsd3, data, functions, library)2017-03-19athanclark
variadic-function30.0Create and transform functions with variable arity. (bsd3, data, functions, library)2021-07-05BorisLykah
wrap130.0Wrap a function's return value with another function (bsd3, data, functions, library)2015-02-06ChrisDone