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Last U/L
Last Version
SDL (deprecated in favor of sdl2)761.523Binding to libSDL (bsd3, deprecated, foreign-binding, library)2018-07-, DavidHimmelstrup, fffaaa
SDL-gfx (deprecated in favor of sdl2-gfx)260.04Binding to libSDL_gfx (bsd3, deprecated, foreign-binding, library)2018-09-, DavidHimmelstrup, fffaaa
SDL-image (deprecated in favor of sdl2-image)250.08Binding to libSDL_image (bsd3, deprecated, foreign-binding, library)2018-07-, DavidHimmelstrup, fffaaa
SDL-mixer (deprecated in favor of sdl2-mixer)260.03Binding to libSDL_mixer (bsd3, deprecated, foreign-binding, library)2018-07-, DavidHimmelstrup, fffaaa
SDL-mpeg60.01Binding to the SMPEG library (bsd3, foreign-binding, library)2008-07-280.0.1AudreyTang
SDL-ttf (deprecated in favor of sdl2-ttf)270.06Binding to libSDL_ttf (bsd3, deprecated, foreign-binding, library)2018-07-, DavidHimmelstrup, fffaaa
SDL2-ttf (deprecated in favor of sdl2-ttf)20.01Binding to libSDL-ttf (deprecated, foreign-binding, library, mit)2013-12-220.1.0OmerAgacan
Sprig (deprecated)50.03Binding to Sprig (bsd3, deprecated, foreign-binding, library)2010-01-110.1.1LiamOConnorDavis
cpuid220.03Binding for the cpuid machine instruction on x86 compatible processors (foreign-binding, gpl)2023-04-, MartinGrabmueller
emacs-module180.01Utilities to write Emacs dynamic modules (apache, bsd3, foreign, foreign-binding, library)2024-05-
libxslt30.01Binding to libxslt (bsd3, foreign-binding, library, text, xml)2009-09-130.1
rdtsc260.06Binding for the rdtsc machine instruction (bsd3, foreign-binding, library)2015-05-, MartinGrabmueller
rdtsc-enolan80.01Binding to sources of high-efficiency, high-precision, monotonically increasing relative time. (bsd3, foreign-binding, library, time)2012-10-110.1EchoNolan
sdl2-ttf582.012Bindings to SDL2_ttf. (bsd3, font, foreign-binding, graphics, library)2022-08-142.1.3MikolajKonarski, OliverCharles, SinisaBidin, carldong
souffle-haskell610.01Souffle Datalog bindings for Haskell (bindings, foreign-binding, library, logic-programming, mit)2024-01-034.0.0luc_tielen
sundown670.01Bindings to the sundown markdown library (foreign-binding, library, public-domain, text)2014-01-170.6FrancescoMazzoli
upskirt (deprecated in favor of sundown)120.01Binding to upskirt (deprecated, foreign-binding, library, public-domain, text)2011-07-240.0.4FrancescoMazzoli
xslt30.02Binding to libxslt (bsd3, foreign-binding, library)2006-09-260.1DavidHimmelstrup