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bit-array110.0A bit array (aka bitset, bitmap, bit vector) API for numeric types (bit-vectors, data-structures, library, mit, pretty-printer)2016-10-01NikitaVolkov
bit-vector70.0Simple bit vectors for Haskell (bit-vectors, bsd3, data, library)2015-03-24AdamFoltzer
bitvec1732.0Space-efficient bit vectors (bit-vectors, bsd3, data, library, public-domain)2022-06-19JamesCook, Bodigrim
bitwise730.0fast multi-dimensional unboxed bit packed Bool arrays (bit-vectors, bsd3, data, data-structures, library)2018-04-26ClaudeHeilandAllen
boolector240.0Haskell bindings for the Boolector SMT solver (bit-vectors, formal-methods, library, math, mit, smt, theorem-provers)2020-08-20DeianStefan
bv310.0Bit-vector arithmetic library (bit-vectors, bsd3, data, library)2018-03-11IagoAbal
bv-little172.0Efficient little-endian bit vector library (bit-vectors, bsd3, data, library)2019-10-09recursion_ninja
bv-sized722.0a bitvector datatype that is parameterized by the vector width (bit-vectors, bsd3, library)2022-04-08benselfridge, galoisinc
bv-sized-lens20.0Well-typed lenses for bv-sized bitvectors. (bit-vectors, bsd3, library)2021-05-06benselfridge
hz3 (deprecated)20.0Bindings for the Z3 Theorem Prover (bit-vectors, bsd3, deprecated, formal-methods, library, math, smt, theorem-provers)2019-10-01
sbv2992.75SMT Based Verification: Symbolic Haskell theorem prover using SMT solving. (bit-vectors, bsd3, formal-methods, library, math, smt, symbolic-computation, theorem-provers)2022-04-27LeventErkok
z3652.25Bindings for the Z3 Theorem Prover (bit-vectors, bsd3, formal-methods, library, math, smt, theorem-provers)2020-08-29IagoAbal