indigo-0.2.2: Convenient imperative eDSL over Lorentz.
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This module contains everything related to compilation from Indigo to Lorentz, including plain Indigo code, as well as Indigo contracts.



compileIndigo :: forall n inp a. (SingI (ToPeano n), Default (MetaData inp), AreIndigoParams (ToPeano n) inp, KnownValue a) => IndigoWithParams (ToPeano n) inp a -> inp :-> inp Source #

Compile Indigo code to Lorentz.

Note: it is necessary to specify the number of parameters (using the first type variable) of the Indigo function. Also, these should be on the top of the input stack in inverse order (see IndigoWithParams).

type family IndigoWithParams n inp a where ... Source #

Type of a function with n Var arguments and IndigoM a result.

Note that the arguments are the first n elements of the inp stack in inverse order, for example: IndigoWithParams ('S ('S 'Z)) '[a, b, c] x is the same as: Var b -> Var a -> IndigoM x


IndigoWithParams 'Z _ a = IndigoM a 
IndigoWithParams ('S n) inp a = Var (At n inp) -> IndigoWithParams n inp a 

type IndigoContract param st = (HasStorage st, HasSideEffects) => Var param -> IndigoM () Source #

Type of a contract that can be compiled to Lorentz with compileIndigoContract.

compileIndigoContract :: forall param st. (KnownValue param, IsObject st) => IndigoContract param st -> ContractCode param st Source #

Compile Indigo code to Lorentz contract. Drop elements from the stack to return only [Operation] and storage.

type HasSideEffects = Given (Var Ops) Source #

Allows to get a variable with operations

operationsVar :: HasSideEffects => Var Ops Source #

Return a variable which refers to a stack cell with operations

type HasStorage st = Given (Var st) Source #

Allows to get a variable with storage

storageVar :: HasStorage st => Var st Source #

Return a variable which refers to a stack cell with storage