indigo-0.2.2: Convenient imperative eDSL over Lorentz.
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type family IndigoWithParams n inp a where ... Source #

Type of a function with n Var arguments and IndigoM a result.

Note that the arguments are the first n elements of the inp stack in inverse order, for example: IndigoWithParams ('S ('S 'Z)) '[a, b, c] x is the same as: Var b -> Var a -> IndigoM x


IndigoWithParams 'Z _ a = IndigoM a 
IndigoWithParams ('S n) inp a = Var (At n inp) -> IndigoWithParams n inp a 

type family AreIndigoParams n stk :: Constraint where ... Source #

Typeable and stack size constraint for the parameters of an IndigoWithParams.


AreIndigoParams 'Z _ = () :: Constraint 
AreIndigoParams ('S n) stk = (KnownValue (At n stk), RequireLongerThan stk n, AreIndigoParams n stk) 

fromIndigoWithParams :: forall inp n a. (AreIndigoParams n inp, KnownValue a) => IndigoWithParams n inp a -> MetaData inp -> Sing n -> (IndigoM a, MetaData inp) Source #

Converts an IndigoWithParams to its form without input Vars, alongside the MetaData to use it with. If there is an Ops to the bottom of the stack it also assigns a Var to it.