MiniAgda: A toy dependently typed programming language with type-based termination.

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MiniAgda is a tiny dependently-typed programming language in the style of Agda. It serves as a laboratory to test potential additions to the language and type system of Agda. MiniAgda's termination checker is a fusion of sized types and size-change termination and supports coinduction. Equality incorporates eta-expansion at record and singleton types. Function arguments can be declared as static; such arguments are discarded during equality checking and compilation. Recent features include bounded size quantification and destructor patterns for a more general handling of coinduction.

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Versions 0.2014.1.9, 0.2014.5.5, 0.2014.9.12, 0.2016.12.19, 0.2017.2.18, 0.2018.11.4, 0.2018.11.6, 0.2019.3.29, 0.2019.12.13, 0.2020.4.14, 0.2022.3.11, 0.2022.3.11
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Dependencies array (>=0.3 && <0.6), base (>=4.6 && <5), containers (>=0.3 && <0.7), haskell-src-exts (>=1.21 && <1.22), mtl (>=2.2.2 && <2.4), pretty (>=1.0 && <1.2), transformers [details]
License MIT
Author Andreas Abel and Karl Mehltretter
Maintainer Andreas Abel <>
Category Dependent types
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Cabal build Hackage

A prototypical dependently typed languages with sized types and variances.


Requires ghc and cabal, for instance via the Haskell Platform or via ghcup. In a shell, type

  cabal update
  cabal install MiniAgda

To build MiniAgda from source, replace the last command with



See directories test/succeed/ and examples/.

Some examples are commented on the (dormant) MiniAgda blog.