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BitStringRandomMonad150.01 (bsd3, crypto, library)2018-03-
cprng-aes-effect70.01Run random effect using cprng-aes, a crypto pseudo number generator. (crypto, effect, library, mit)2014-06-
cropty152.01Encryption and decryption (crypto, cryptography, library, mit)2021-09-
crypto-random-effect200.02A random effect using crypto-random (crypto, effect, library, mit)2014-09-
crypto-rng320.02Cryptographic random number generator. (bsd3, crypto, library)2022-02-, arybczak, jonathanjouty_scrive, trin_cz
crypto-rng-effectful110.00Adaptation of the crypto-rng library for the effectful ecosystem. (crypto, library, mit)2022-07-
cryptoconditions130.01Interledger Crypto-Conditions (bsd3, crypto, finance, library, network)2020-03-260.2.5ssadler
ecdsa70.02Basic ECDSA signing implementation (crypto, library)2014-02-230.2StephenWeber
keccak120.00cryptographic functions based on the sponge construction (crypto, library, mit, program)2018-07-200.2.0aupiff
libsecp256k1140.00Bindings for secp256k1 (crypto, library, mit)2022-07-110.1.0ProofOfKeags
lol252.06A library for lattice cryptography. (crypto, gpl, library)2020-02-, crossroads1112
lol-apps150.00Lattice-based cryptographic applications using < lol>. (crypto, gpl, library)2020-02-, crossroads1112
lol-benches120.01A library for benchmarking < lol>. (crypto, gpl, library)2017-02-, crossroads1112
lol-cpp140.01A fast C++ backend for < lol>. (crypto, gpl, library)2020-02-, crossroads1112
lol-repa60.01A repa backend for < lol>. (crypto, gpl, library)2017-02-, crossroads1112
lol-tests50.01A library for testing < Λ ∘ λ>. (crypto, gpl, library)2017-02-, crossroads1112
magic-wormhole170.01Interact with Magic Wormhole (crypto, library, program)2021-02-250.3.4jml, jcalderone, rkrishnan
mcl70.02Bindings to mcl, a generic and fast pairing-based cryptography library (bsd3, crypto, library, math)2017-05-091.0.1arybczak
openssl-createkey40.01Create OpenSSL keypairs. (bsd3, crypto, library)2009-12-020.1TaruKarttunen
pkcs760.01PKCS #7 padding in Haskell (crypto, library, mit)2015-08-
pvss70.00Public Verifiable Secret Sharing (crypto, mit, program)2017-08-010.2.0VincentHanquez
rfc1751130.01RFC-1751 library for Haskell (crypto, library, mit)2020-06-120.1.3jprupp
ripple80.01Ripple payment system library (crypto, library)2014-05-070.3StephenWeber
rlwe-challenges90.00Ring-LWE/LWR challenges using Lol. (crypto, gpl, library, program)2017-02-
secp256k1 (deprecated in favor of secp256k1-haskell)420.02Bindings for secp256k1 library from Bitcoin Core (crypto, deprecated, library, public-domain)2018-09-021.1.2jprupp
secp256k1-haskell880.07Bindings for secp256k1 (crypto, library, mit)2022-04-180.6.1jprupp
secp256k1-legacy80.00fork of secp256k1 (crypto, library)2019-10-140.5.6fommil
spake2180.02Implementation of the SPAKE2 Password-Authenticated Key Exchange algorithm (crypto, library, program)2020-11-180.4.3jml, rkrishnan
spritz40.01An implementation of the Spritz RC4-like stream cipher in Haskell (bsd2, crypto, library)2014-11-
trust-chain150.00An implementation of a trust chain (crypto, cryptography, library, mit)2021-09-