text- An efficient packed Unicode text type.

Maintainerbos@serpentine.com, rtomharper@googlemail.com, duncan@haskell.org
Safe HaskellSafe-Infered




A module containing private Text internals. This exposes the Text representation and low level construction functions. Modules which extend the Text system may need to use this module.

You should not use this module unless you are determined to monkey with the internals, as the functions here do just about nothing to preserve data invariants. You have been warned!



chunk :: Text -> Text -> TextSource

Smart constructor for Chunk. Guarantees the data type invariant.

empty :: TextSource

Smart constructor for Empty.

foldrChunks :: (Text -> a -> a) -> a -> Text -> aSource

Consume the chunks of a lazy Text with a natural right fold.

foldlChunks :: (a -> Text -> a) -> a -> Text -> aSource

Consume the chunks of a lazy Text with a strict, tail-recursive, accumulating left fold.

Data type invariant and abstraction functions

The data type invariant for lazy Text: Every Text is either Empty or consists of non-null Texts. All functions must preserve this, and the QC properties must check this.

strictInvariant :: Text -> BoolSource

Check the invariant strictly.

lazyInvariant :: Text -> TextSource

Check the invariant lazily.

showStructure :: Text -> StringSource

Display the internal structure of a lazy Text.

Chunk allocation sizes

defaultChunkSize :: IntSource

Currently set to 16 KiB, less the memory management overhead.

smallChunkSize :: IntSource

Currently set to 128 bytes, less the memory management overhead.

chunkOverhead :: IntSource

The memory management overhead. Currently this is tuned for GHC only.