Changelog for superdoc-

ChangeLog v0.1.2.9 2018/11/25 (2018/11/25) PS1 - removed Unicode armoring, because current versions of Haddock already support Unicode documentation. This simplifies the package, as the pre-processor superdoc-armor is no longer required. v0.1.2.8 2018/11/25 (2018/11/25) PS1 - use preprocessor conditionals to make Superdoc work with all Cabal versions (tested with Cabal,, Hopefully this eliminates the dependency hell created by prescribing specific versions. v0.1.2.7 2018/05/07 (2018/05/07) PS1 - this version of the package only works with Cabal 2.2 or greater. This can be installed (even with earlier versions of ghc) by "cabal update cabal". If for some reason an earlier version of Cabal is needed, use superdoc- v0.1.2.6 2018/05/07 (2018/05/07) PS1 - this version of the package does not work with Cabal 2.2, so specify Cabal < 2.2 v0.1.2.5 2017/11/09 (2017/11/09) PS1 - updated the package to work with Cabal 2.0. v0.1.2.4 2016/07/27 (2016/07/27) PS1 - loosened package dependencies to accommodate older versions of ghc and base. v0.1.2.3 2016/07/11 (2016/07/11) PS1 - updated package dependencies. (2016/07/11) PS1 - updated Unicode armor so it doesn't clash with Haddock's new boldface feature. v0.1.2.2 2015/08/15 (2015/08/15) PS1 - relaxed package dependencies. v0.1.2.1 2014/10/08 (2014/10/07) PS1 - updated dependencies to permit base 4.7 and Cabal >= 1.16. v0.1.2.0 2014/02/12 (2014/02/12) PS1 - added new "center" tag, for centering. v0.1.1.0 2013/12/14 (2013/12/14) PS1 - added a bootstrapping mode, so that Superdoc can generate its own documentation when it is not yet installed. v0.1.0.0 2013/12/10 Initial public release.