servant-0.18.2: A family of combinators for defining webservices APIs
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Type-level code for implementing and using UVerb. Heavily inspired by world-piece.



type IsMember (a :: u) (as :: [u]) = (Unique as, CheckElemIsMember a as, UElem a as) Source #

type family Unique xs :: Constraint where ... Source #


Unique xs = If (Nubbed xs == 'True) (() :: Constraint) (TypeError (DuplicateElementError xs)) 

type Union = NS I Source #

inject :: UElem x xs => f x -> NS f xs Source #

eject :: UElem x xs => NS f xs -> Maybe (f x) Source #

foldMapUnion :: forall (c :: * -> Constraint) (a :: *) (as :: [*]). All c as => Proxy c -> (forall x. c x => x -> a) -> Union as -> a Source #

Convenience function to apply a function to an unknown union element using a type class. All elements of the union must have instances in the type class, and the function is applied unconditionally.

See also: matchUnion.

matchUnion :: forall (a :: *) (as :: [*]). IsMember a as => Union as -> Maybe a Source #

Convenience function to extract a union element using cast, ie. return the value if the selected type happens to be the actual type of the union in this value, or Nothing otherwise.

See also: foldMapUnion.