readable-0.3.1: Reading from Text and ByteString

Safe HaskellSafe-Inferred



The Read type class is very useful for building data types from String representations. But String has high overhead, so sometimes it isn't suitable for applications where space usage and performance are important. This library provides a simpler version of Read's functionality for Text and ByteStrings.



class Readable a where Source

ByteString and Text reading using MonadPlus to handle parse failure. On error, fromText and fromBS will return mzero. You can use mplus to provide fallback defaults.

Minimal complete definition



fromText :: MonadPlus m => Text -> m a Source

Reads data from a Text representation.

fromBS :: MonadPlus m => ByteString -> m a Source

Reads data from a UTF8 encoded ByteString. The default implementation of this function simply decodes with UTF-8 and then calls the fromText function. If decoding fails, mzero will be returned. You can provide your own implementation if you need different behavior such as not decoding to UTF8.