Changelog for keystore-

-*-change-log-*- Chris Dornan <> 2014-03-30 * First public release Chris Dornan <> 2014-06-08 * Fix read-only behaviour, adding --read-only flag Chris Dornan <> 2014-07-06 * Reorganise module hierarchy and code base * Add Data.KeyStore.Sections * Replace 'psd' example with 'deploy' example Chris Dornan <> 2014-07-07 * Fix 'deploy' example Chris Dornan <> 2014-07-23 * Fix CLI organization * Add hostRSection to Sections class Adam Gundry <> 2014-07-23 * Add GHC compatability Chris Dornan <> 2014-07-26 * Remove hostRSection from Sections class! * Reorganise Sections simplifying and fixing host/section relationship * Fix 'deploy' example to work with new sections * Write Haddock annotations for Sections module. * Tidy cabal file * Revise readme and cabal documentation Chris Dornan <> 2014-07-27 * expose getKeystore, getState, getCtxState, putCtxState in Data.KeyStore.IO * add proxy arguments to verifyKeystore & locateKeys in Data.KeyStore.Sections * opened up the export of Data.KeyStore.Types * added getSettingsOpt' to Data.KeyStore.KS.Opt * Fix #1, (section, key and host prefixes) * NB: this release will auto-migrate a keystore reformating the identifers to life the 'no-prefixes' restrictions BUT: + the change of format will only persist when the store is written back, which usually only happens on an edit operation that changes the keystore (e.g., by rotating a key) or, better, by forcing the kmeystore to be written back); + the keystore's (detached) signature will not be migrated but you will have to re-sign the keystore after it has been reformatted anyway; your best bet is to remove the signature (to prevent an error arising from the failure to find the signing key under its old name, (mis)identified in the signature) and resigning the store. For example, to migrate the example store, you could do something like this: $ rm deploy-keystore.hash $ deploy -w sign Chris Dornan <> 2014-07-28 * fix default sectionPWEnvVar in Sections class Chris Dornan <> 2014-07-28 * improve build stability of Sections: list the things we need from Control.Lens Chris Dornan <> 2014-07-30 * fix key-formatting bug (gratuitious insertion of double '/'s before the version number)