Changelog for hashtables-

Hashtables changelog

Fix build with certain versions of primitive (thx again Carter)

Thanks to contributors:

Switch to smaller hash codes to go faster and save space.

Before, in the basic and cuckoo hash tables, we were storing full machine-word-sized hash codes in the table so that we could quickly search a whole cache line for a key (or a combination of keys) without branching.

It turns out that a full machine word is not really necessary for this application; switching to a 16-bit key will very slightly increase the number of hash collisions within buckets (meaning that we'll compare more keys), but will pay big dividends in terms of:


Bump vector and primitive dependencies.

Fix bug in C FFI code (not correctly promoting CInt to Int).

Fix for benchmark suite .cabal file.

Added benchmark suite.

Bump test-framework dependency.

Bump testsuite dependencies.

Fix testsuite on Windows.

Build fix for Windows.

Bugfix for (Basic.lookup loops).