gi-gtk-3.0.32: Gtk bindings
CopyrightWill Thompson Iñaki García Etxebarria and Jonas Platte
MaintainerIñaki García Etxebarria
Safe HaskellNone



The FontChooserWidget widget lists the available fonts, styles and sizes, allowing the user to select a font. It is used in the FontChooserDialog widget to provide a dialog box for selecting fonts.

To set the font which is initially selected, use fontChooserSetFont or fontChooserSetFontDesc.

To get the selected font use fontChooserGetFont or fontChooserGetFontDesc.

To change the text which is shown in the preview area, use fontChooserSetPreviewText.

CSS nodes

GtkFontChooserWidget has a single CSS node with name fontchooser.

Since: 3.2


Exported types

class (GObject o, IsDescendantOf FontChooserWidget o) => IsFontChooserWidget o Source #

Type class for types which can be safely cast to FontChooserWidget, for instance with toFontChooserWidget.


Instances details
(GObject o, IsDescendantOf FontChooserWidget o) => IsFontChooserWidget o Source # 
Instance details

Defined in GI.Gtk.Objects.FontChooserWidget

toFontChooserWidget :: (MonadIO m, IsFontChooserWidget o) => o -> m FontChooserWidget Source #

Cast to FontChooserWidget, for types for which this is known to be safe. For general casts, use castTo.


Overloaded methods


fontChooserWidgetNew Source #


:: (HasCallStack, MonadIO m) 
=> m FontChooserWidget

Returns: a new FontChooserWidget

Creates a new FontChooserWidget.

Since: 3.2



A toggle action that can be used to switch to the tweak page of the font chooser widget, which lets the user tweak the OpenType features and variation axes of the selected font.

The action will be enabled or disabled depending on whether the selected font has any features or axes.

getFontChooserWidgetTweakAction :: (MonadIO m, IsFontChooserWidget o) => o -> m (Maybe Action) Source #

Get the value of the “tweak-action” property. When overloading is enabled, this is equivalent to

get fontChooserWidget #tweakAction