ghci-8.4.1: The library supporting GHC's interactive interpreter

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data ResolvedBCO Source #

A ResolvedBCO is one in which all the Name references have been resolved to actual addresses or RemoteHValues.

Note, all arrays are zero-indexed (we assume this when serializing/deserializing)

Show ResolvedBCO Source # 
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Generic ResolvedBCO Source # 
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Associated Types

type Rep ResolvedBCO :: * -> * #

Binary ResolvedBCO Source #

The Binary instance for ResolvedBCOs.

Note, that we do encode the endianness, however there is no support for mixed endianness setups. This is primarily to ensure that ghc and iserv share the same endianness.

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type Rep ResolvedBCO Source # 
Instance details

data ResolvedBCOPtr Source #


ResolvedBCORef !Int

reference to the Nth BCO in the current set

ResolvedBCOPtr !(RemoteRef HValue)

reference to a previously created BCO

ResolvedBCOStaticPtr !(RemotePtr ())

reference to a static ptr

ResolvedBCOPtrBCO ResolvedBCO

a nested BCO

ResolvedBCOPtrBreakArray !(RemoteRef BreakArray)

Resolves to the MutableArray# inside the BreakArray