ghc-exactprint- ExactPrint for GHC

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This module rexposes wrapped parsers from the GHC API. Along with returning the parse result, the corresponding annotations are also returned such that it is then easy to modify the annotations and print the result.



withDynFlags :: (DynFlags -> a) -> IO a Source

Provides a safe way to consume a properly initialised set of DynFlags.

myParser fname expr = withDynFlags (\d -> parseExpr d fname expr)

data CppOptions Source




cppDefine :: [String]

CPP #define macros

cppInclude :: [FilePath]

CPP Includes directory

cppFile :: [FilePath]

CPP pre-include file

Module Parsers

parseModule :: FilePath -> IO (Either (SrcSpan, String) (Anns, ParsedSource)) Source

This entry point will also work out which language extensions are required and perform CPP processing if necessary.

parseModule = parseModuleWithCpp defaultCppOptions

Note: ParsedSource is a synonym for Located (HsModule RdrName)

parseModuleWithCpp :: CppOptions -> DeltaOptions -> FilePath -> IO (Either (SrcSpan, String) (Anns, ParsedSource)) Source

Parse a module with specific instructions for the C pre-processor.

Basic Parsers

parseWith :: Annotate w => DynFlags -> FilePath -> P (Located w) -> String -> Either (SrcSpan, String) (Anns, Located w) Source

Wrapper function which returns Annotations along with the parsed element.


parseModuleApiAnnsWithCpp :: CppOptions -> FilePath -> IO (Either (SrcSpan, String) (ApiAnns, [Comment], DynFlags, ParsedSource)) Source

Low level function which is used in the internal tests. It is advised to use parseModule or parseModuleWithCpp instead of this function.