ghc-8.8.1: The GHC API
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Extracting types from HsSyn

Other HsSyn functions

mkHsCaseAlt :: LPat (GhcPass p) -> Located (body (GhcPass p)) -> LMatch (GhcPass p) (Located (body (GhcPass p))) Source #

A simple case alternative with a single pattern, no binds, no guards; pre-typechecking

conLikeResTy :: ConLike -> [Type] -> Type Source #

Returns the type of the whole pattern

re-exported from TcMonad

type TcId = Id Source #


For a description of "zonking", see Note [What is zonking?] in TcMType

data ZonkEnv Source #

See Note [The ZonkEnv] Confused by zonking? See Note [What is zonking?] in TcMType.


Instances details
Outputable ZonkEnv Source # 
Instance details

Defined in TcHsSyn

initZonkEnv :: (ZonkEnv -> a -> TcM b) -> a -> TcM b Source #