ghc-8.4.1: The GHC API

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readGEnv :: (GlobalEnv -> a) -> VM a Source #

Project something from the global environment.

setGEnv :: GlobalEnv -> VM () Source #

Set the value of the global environment.

updGEnv :: (GlobalEnv -> GlobalEnv) -> VM () Source #

Update the global environment using the provided function.


isVectAvoidanceAggressive :: VM Bool Source #

Should we avoid as much vectorisation as possible?

Set by '-f[no]-vectorisation-avoidance'


defGlobalVar :: Var -> Var -> VM () Source #

Add a mapping between a global var and its vectorised version to the state.

undefGlobalVar :: Var -> VM () Source #

Remove the mapping of a variable in the vectorisation map.

Vectorisation declarations

lookupVectDecl :: Var -> VM (Bool, Maybe (Type, CoreExpr)) Source #

Check whether a variable has a vectorisation declaration.

The first component of the result indicates whether the variable has a NOVECTORISE declaration. The second component contains the given type and expression in case of a VECTORISE declaration.


globalParallelVars :: VM DVarSet Source #

Get the set of global parallel variables.

globalParallelTyCons :: VM NameSet Source #

Get the set of all parallel type constructors (those that may embed parallelism) including both both those parallel type constructors declared in an imported module and those declared in the current module.


lookupTyCon :: TyCon -> VM (Maybe TyCon) Source #

Determine the vectorised version of a TyCon. The vectorisation map in the global environment contains a vectorised version if the original TyCon embeds any parallel arrays.

defTyConName :: TyCon -> Name -> TyCon -> VM () Source #

Add a mapping between plain and vectorised TyCons to the global environment.

The second argument is only to enable tracing for (mutually) recursively defined type constructors, where we must not pull at the vectorised type constructors (because that would pull too early at the recursive knot).

defTyCon :: TyCon -> TyCon -> VM () Source #

Add a mapping between plain and vectorised TyCons to the global environment.

globalVectTyCons :: VM (NameEnv TyCon) Source #

Get the set of all vectorised type constructors.


lookupDataCon :: DataCon -> VM (Maybe DataCon) Source #

Lookup the vectorised version of a DataCon from the global environment.

defDataCon :: DataCon -> DataCon -> VM () Source #

Add the mapping between plain and vectorised DataCons to the global environment.

PA Dictionaries

lookupTyConPA :: TyCon -> VM (Maybe Var) Source #

Lookup the PA dfun of a vectorised type constructor in the global environment.

defTyConPAs :: [(TyCon, Var)] -> VM () Source #

Associate vectorised type constructors with the dfun of their PA instances in the global environment.

PR Dictionaries