ghc-8.4.1: The GHC API

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The PrelInfo interface to the compiler's prelude knowledge.

This module serves as the central gathering point for names which the compiler knows something about. This includes functions for,

  • discerning whether a Name is known-key
  • given a Unique, looking up its corresponding known-key Name

See Note [Known-key names] and Note [About wired-in things] for information about the two types of prelude things in GHC.


Known-key names

isKnownKeyName :: Name -> Bool Source #

Is a Name known-key?

lookupKnownKeyName :: Unique -> Maybe Name Source #

Given a Unique lookup its associated Name if it corresponds to a known-key thing.

lookupKnownNameInfo :: Name -> SDoc Source #

Given a Unique lookup any associated arbitrary SDoc's to be displayed by GHCi's ':info' command.

Internal use

knownKeyNames is exported to seed the original name cache only; if you find yourself wanting to look at it you might consider using lookupKnownKeyName or isKnownKeyName.

knownKeyNames :: [Name] Source #

This list is used to ensure that when you say "" in your source code, or in an interface file, you get a Name with the correct known key (See Note [Known-key names] in PrelNames)


Random other things

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