Changelog for fedora-haskell-tools-0.6

* 0.6 (2018-08-07) - fhpkg - new commands: hackage-compare, merge, missing, count, leaf, unpushed, head-origin - command options including arguments and global options - new -A option for all packages replaces default of all packages - new -b=branch option - some support for private git repos and branches - use line buffering for synchronous stdout - new -s short output option for diff and unpushed - compare-stackage now uses lts-11 - fhbuild - install: pause after failure - install: print number of packages left - install: dnf remove existing package - koji client robustness against broken connections - use fedora and updates repos only for repoquery - initial support for rpkg other than fedpkg - ghc-8.4 - lot refactoring for utils etc * 0.5 (2018-02-16) - fhpkg - add commands for prep, refresh, diff-origin, push, and commit - only update hackages - only use main Fedora repos for repoquery - do not repoquery ghc's libs - be precise with fedora and hackage urls - reimplement and improve repoquery - fhbuild - output stdout for local build - use rpmspec --builtrpms - was doing double repoquery - skip building packages with .fhbuild-fail and .fhbuild-ignore - use koji build --fail-fast - no longer use pkgdb - save built nvrs to .fhbuilt cache file and check pkg dir before repoquery - repoquery koji build repo - add bump command * 0.4 (2017-12-05) - new commands: clone-new, diff-stackage, diff-branch - fix hackage distro data output - check spec file exists - fix cloning of missing branch dirs - allow no dist arg before pkg arg * 0.3 (2017-10-24) - initial release with fhbuild, fhbz, and fhpkg # Local Variables: # mode: text # End: