extensible-effects- An Alternative to Monad Transformers

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Coroutines implemented with extensible effects



data Yield a v Source

The yield request: reporting a value of type e and suspending the coroutine. For readability, a coroutine accepts a unit to produce its value.


Yield a (() -> v) 


Functor (Yield a) 
Typeable (* -> * -> *) Yield 

yield :: (Typeable a, Member (Yield a) r) => a -> Eff r () Source

Yield a value of type a and suspend the coroutine.

runC :: Typeable a => Eff (Yield a :> r) w -> Eff r (Y r a w) Source

Launch a thread and report its status.

data Y r a w Source

Status of a thread: done or reporting the value of the type a (For simplicity, a co-routine reports a value but accepts unit)

Type parameter r is the effect we're yielding from.

Type parameter a is the type that is yielded.

Type parameter w is the type of the value returned from the coroutine when it has completed.


Y a (() -> Eff r (Y r a w)) 
Done w