darcs-2.16.3: a distributed, interactive, smart revision control system

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applyToHashedPristine :: (Apply p, ApplyState p ~ Tree) => ApplyDir -> PristineHash -> p wX wY -> IO PristineHash Source #

applyToHashedPristine takes a root hash, a patch p and attempts to apply the patch to the Tree identified by h. If we encounter an old, size-prefixed pristine, we first convert it to the non-size-prefixed format, then apply the patch.

applyToTentativePristine :: (ApplyState q ~ Tree, Apply q, ShowPatch q) => Repository rt p wR wU wT -> ApplyDir -> Verbosity -> q wT wY -> IO () Source #

applyToTentativePristine applies a patch p to the tentative pristine tree, and updates the tentative pristine hash

readHashedPristineRoot :: Repository rt p wR wU wT -> IO (Maybe PristineHash) Source #

readHashedPristineRoot attempts to read the pristine hash from the current inventory, returning Nothing if it cannot do so.

pokePristineHash :: PristineHash -> ByteString -> Doc Source #

Replace the pristine hash at the start of a raw, unparsed HeadInventory or add it if none is present.

createPristineDirectoryTree :: Repository rt p wR wU wT -> FilePath -> WithWorkingDir -> IO () Source #

grab the pristine hash of _darcs/hash_inventory, and retrieve whole pristine tree, possibly writing a clean working tree in the process.

createPartialsPristineDirectoryTree :: Repository rt p wR wU wT -> [AnchoredPath] -> FilePath -> IO () Source #

Used by the commands dist and diff

withRecorded :: Repository rt p wR wU wT -> ((AbsolutePath -> IO a) -> IO a) -> (AbsolutePath -> IO a) -> IO a Source #

withTentative :: Repository rt p wR wU wT -> ((AbsolutePath -> IO a) -> IO a) -> (AbsolutePath -> IO a) -> IO a Source #