darcs-2.16.3: a distributed, interactive, smart revision control system

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data Bundle rt p wX wY where Source #

A Bundle is a context together with some patches. The context consists of unavailable patches.


Bundle :: (FL (PatchInfoAnd rt p) :> FL (PatchInfoAnd rt p)) wX wY -> Bundle rt p wX wY 

makeBundle :: (ApplyState p ~ Tree, RepoPatch p) => Maybe (Tree IO) -> PatchSet rt p wStart wX -> FL (Named p) wX wY -> IO Doc Source #

interpretBundle :: Commute p => PatchSet rt p Origin wT -> Bundle rt p wA wB -> Either String (PatchSet rt p Origin wB) Source #

Interpret a Bundle in the context of a PatchSet. This means we match up a possible tag in the context of the Bundle. This fails if the tag couldn't be found.

minContext :: RepoPatch p => PatchSet rt p wStart wB -> FL (PatchInfoAnd rt p) wB wC -> Sealed ((PatchSet rt p :> FL (PatchInfoAnd rt p)) wStart) Source #

Minimize the context of an FL of patches to be packed into a bundle.