darcs-2.16.2: a distributed, interactive, smart revision control system

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readFile :: FilePath -> IO String #

The readFile function reads a file and returns the contents of the file as a string. The file is read lazily, on demand, as with getContents.

hGetContents :: Handle -> IO String #

Computation hGetContents hdl returns the list of characters corresponding to the unread portion of the channel or file managed by hdl, which is put into an intermediate state, semi-closed. In this state, hdl is effectively closed, but items are read from hdl on demand and accumulated in a special list returned by hGetContents hdl.

Any operation that fails because a handle is closed, also fails if a handle is semi-closed. The only exception is hClose. A semi-closed handle becomes closed:

  • if hClose is applied to it;
  • if an I/O error occurs when reading an item from the handle;
  • or once the entire contents of the handle has been read.

Once a semi-closed handle becomes closed, the contents of the associated list becomes fixed. The contents of this final list is only partially specified: it will contain at least all the items of the stream that were evaluated prior to the handle becoming closed.

Any I/O errors encountered while a handle is semi-closed are simply discarded.

This operation may fail with: