darcs-2.14.1: a distributed, interactive, smart revision control system

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makeBundleN :: (ApplyState p ~ Tree, RepoPatch p) => Maybe (Tree IO) -> PatchSet rt p wStart wX -> FL (WrappedNamed rt p) wX wY -> IO Doc Source #

scanContextFile :: FilePath -> IO (PatchSet rt p Origin wX) Source #

scanContextFile scans the context in the file of the given name.

patchFilename :: String -> String Source #

patchFilename maps a patch description string to a safe (lowercased, spaces removed and ascii-only characters) patch filename.

minContext :: RepoPatch p => PatchSet rt p wStart wB -> FL (PatchInfoAnd rt p) wB wC -> Sealed ((PatchSet rt p :> FL (PatchInfoAnd rt p)) wStart) Source #

Minimize the context of a bundle to be sent, taking into account the patches selected to be sent