darcs-2.12.5: a distributed, interactive, smart revision control system

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data WrappedCommand where Source #

A WrappedCommand is a DarcsCommand where the options type has been hidden


WrappedCommand :: DarcsCommand parsedFlags -> WrappedCommand 

data CommandArgs where Source #


CommandOnly :: DarcsCommand parsedFlags -> CommandArgs 
SuperCommandOnly :: DarcsCommand parsedFlags -> CommandArgs 
SuperCommandSub :: DarcsCommand parsedFlags1 -> DarcsCommand parsedFlags2 -> CommandArgs 

putInfo :: [DarcsFlag] -> Doc -> IO () Source #

printDryRunMessageAndExit :: (RepoPatch p, ApplyState p ~ Tree) => String -> Verbosity -> Summary -> DryRun -> XmlOutput -> Bool -> FL (PatchInfoAnd rt p) wX wY -> IO () Source #

printDryRunMessageAndExit action flags patches prints a string representing the action that would be taken if the --dry-run option had not been passed to darcs. Then darcs exits successfully. action is the name of the action being taken, like "push" flags is the list of flags which were sent to darcs patches is the sequence of patches which would be touched by action.

setEnvDarcsPatches :: (RepoPatch p, ApplyState p ~ Tree) => FL (PatchInfoAnd rt p) wX wY -> IO () Source #

Set the DARCS_PATCHES and DARCS_PATCHES_XML environment variables with info about the given patches, for use in post-hooks.

setEnvDarcsFiles :: (PatchInspect p, Patchy p) => p wX wY -> IO () Source #

Set the DARCS_FILES environment variable to the files touched by the given patch, one per line, for use in post-hooks.