cryptsy-api-0.2.1: Bindings for Cryptsy cryptocurrency exchange API.

Safe HaskellNone



Re-exports the entire Cryptsy.API.Public.* heirarchy.



defaultEvalPubCryptsy :: PubCryptsy a -> IO (Either CryptsyError a) Source

Like defaultRunPubCryptsy, but the resulting cookir jar is ignored.

defaultRunPubCryptsy :: PubCryptsy a -> IO (Either CryptsyError a, CookieJar) Source

Converts a public cryptsy action to an action in the IO Monad, using a new manager created from tlsManagerSettings and closed as the last part of the IO action and starting from an empty cookie jar. Both the resulting cookie jar and either the resolt of the public cryptsy action or the first cryptsy error encountered are the results of the IO action.