configuration-tools-0.2.13: Tools for specifying and parsing configurations

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HTTP Service TLS Configuration

data HttpServiceTLSConfiguration Source

In order to make TLS optional this type should be used wrapped into a Maybe.

pHttpServiceTLSConfiguration :: String -> MParser HttpServiceTLSConfiguration Source

This option parser does not allow to enable or disable usage of TLS. The option will have effect only when TLS usage is configured in the configuration file or the default configuration.

FIXME: print a warning and exit when one of these options is provided even though TLS is turned off.

HTTP Service Configuration

data HttpServiceConfiguration Source

We restrict services to use either HTTP or HTTPS but not both.

TLS can be turned off explicitely in the configuration file by setting the respective section to null. It can not be turned on or off via command line options. But once it is turned on the values for the certificate and key file can be changed by command line options.

Http Client Configuration