capnp- Cap'n Proto for Haskell

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In addition to the values exposed in the API, this module also defines an instance of Haskell's Exception type class, for Cap'n Proto's Exception.


Converting arbitrary exceptions to capnproto exceptions

wrapException :: Bool -> SomeException -> Exception Source #

wrapException debugMode e converts an arbitrary haskell exception e into an rpc exception, which can be communicated to a remote vat. If debugMode is true, the returned exception's reason field will include the text of show e.

Helpers for constructing exceptions

eMethodUnimplemented :: Exception Source #

An exception indicating an unimplemented method.

eUnimplemented :: Text -> Exception Source #

An unimplemented exception with a custom reason message.

eDisconnected :: Exception Source #

An exception with type = disconnected

eFailed :: Text -> Exception Source #

Construct an exception with a type field of failed and the given text as its reason.

throwFailed :: MonadThrow m => Text -> m a Source #

Throw an exception with a type field of Exception'Type'failed and the argument as a reason.

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