capnp- Cap'n Proto for Haskell

Safe HaskellNone



This module provides utilities for reading and writing values to and from file Handles.



hGetValue :: FromStruct ConstMsg a => Handle -> Int -> IO a Source #

hGetValue limit handle reads a message from handle, returning its root object. limit is used as both a cap on the size of a message which may be read and, for types in the high-level API, the traversal limit when decoding the message.

It may throw a Error if there is a problem decoding the message, or an IOError raised by the underlying IO libraries.

hPutValue :: (Cerialize RealWorld a, ToStruct (MutMsg RealWorld) (Cerial (MutMsg RealWorld) a)) => Handle -> a -> IO () Source #

hPutValue handle value writes value to handle, as the root object of a message. If it throws an exception, it will be an IOError raised by the underlying IO libraries.