Changelog for canon- Documentation enhancements. A few types expose to clean up warnings but otherwise no API or logic changes. Change to use aritmoi- Breaking change with primes function. Add support for arithmoi- which had a breaking change that affected the Internals.hs file. (No change to API) Canon.hs: Substantial enhancements to support hyperexpressions as first-class numbers. Most of the changes were to this file. Allow for partially factored numbers so the code will not hang endlessly on numbers with large composite factors. AurifCyclo.hs: Remove fromCycloMap, cmLookup from API and remove fromCycloMap function. Add exposed function getIntegerCycloMap. Correct comment for crCycloInitMap Canon.hs: API change: Update set of functions exposed from AurifCyclo (in accordance with the above). The Internals.hs and Additive.hs modules are no longer exposed. Various enhancements to documentation. Additions to Math.NumberTheory/Canon.hs API ( (*) means it had previously existed in some form. ) ------------------------------------------- Canon(*), CanonElement, BareStatus(*), CanonValueType(*): Types exposed to different degrees CycloMap, fromCycloMap, cmLookup, showCyclo, crCycloInitMap: Exposes cyclotomic map-related functionality from AurifCyclo. New divisor-related functions: cNumDivisors / cTau, cDivisors, cNthDivisor, cWhichDivisor New "reflection" functions: getBase, getExponent, getBases, getExponents, getElements Removals from Math.NumberTheory.Canon API ----------------------------------------- makeC: Removed from code as well (%): Removed from code as well. Mod operator was redundant. canonToGCR, cToGCR: Internal functions that should not been exposed. canonToGCR was removed from the code itself Bug fix: -------- cHyperOp : This did not work for the general case. In the next larger release, this function will be enhanced and appropriate tests will be added. Bug fix for pattern PN1 in Internals.hs Improvements to documentation. Fix typos and word omissions. Remove unused / "unsafe" Cr functions from AurifCyclo.hs First release