camfort-0.802: CamFort - Cambridge Fortran infrastructure

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Provides live-variable analysis for Fortran code. One of the simpler analyses in the suite (a good starting point for any new developers). This demonstrates the use of the "zipper" format, and various helpers from Syntax and Traverse.

lva is the top-level definition here.



lva :: Program Annotation -> Program Annotation Source #

live-variable analysis on a program

lvaOnUnit :: ProgUnit Annotation -> ProgUnit Annotation Source #

live-variable analysis at the level of a unit, not whole-program,iterates lva1 until a fixed-point is reached

lva1 :: Zipper (ProgUnit Annotation) -> Zipper (ProgUnit Annotation) Source #

Single iteration of live-variable analysis over the zipper for an AST

kill :: Fortran Annotation -> [Access] Source #

Variables killed by the current statement

gen :: Fortran Annotation -> [Access] Source #

Variables generated (made live) by the current statement