byline- Library for creating command-line interfaces (colors, menus, etc.)

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The completion types.



type CompletionFunc = (Text, Text) -> IO (Text, [Completion]) Source #

A completion function modeled after the one used in Haskeline.

Warning: If you're familiar with the Haskeline version of the CompletionFunc type please be sure to read this description carefully since the two behave differently.

The completion function is called when the user presses the tab key. The current input line is split into two parts based on where the cursor is positioned. Text to the left of the cursor will be the first value in the tuple and text to the right of the cursor will be the second value.

The text returned from the completion function is the text from the left of the cursor which wasn't used in the completion. It should also produce a list of possible Completion values.

In Haskeline, some of these text values are reversed. This is not the case in Byline.

A note about IO:

Due to the way that Byline uses Haskeline, the completion function is forced to return an IO value. It would be better if it could return a value in the base monad instead. Patches welcome.

data Completion Source #

A type representing a completion match to the user's input.




  • replacement :: Text

    Text to insert to the right of the cursor.

  • display :: Text

    Text to display when listing all completions.

  • isFinished :: Bool

    Whether to follow the completed word with a terminating space or close existing quotes.