Changelog for bitx-bitcoin-

v0.5.0.0 * Prices should be integers, not real. BREAKING CHANGE. * Dropped support for versions of GHC lower than 7.8.1. v0.4.0.0 * ExceptionResponse now holds the actual exception, rather than its text representation. BREAKING CHANGE. v0.3.0.0 * Replaced Volkov records with (micro)lenses. BREAKING CHANGE. * Implemented a (naive) mechanism to work around nginx rate limiting. v0.2.0.0 * Replaced Decimal with Scientific. BREAKING CHANGE. * Divided much of the Private module into smaller sub-modules. BREAKING CHANGE. * Added the new endpoint for creating accounts. * Remove ill-thought-out Auth module. * Lots of internal improvements. v0.1.0.0 * Initial release!