beam-sqlite- Beam driver for SQLite

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SQLite syntaxes

data SqliteCommandSyntax Source #

A SQLite command. INSERT is special cased to handle AUTO INCREMENT columns. The fromSqliteCommand function will take an SqliteCommandSyntax and convert it into the correct SqliteSyntax.


IsSql92Syntax SqliteCommandSyntax Source # 
IsSql92DdlCommandSyntax SqliteCommandSyntax Source # 
MonadBeamInsertReturning SqliteCommandSyntax Sqlite Connection SqliteM # 
MonadBeam SqliteCommandSyntax Sqlite Connection SqliteM # 
type Sql92DeleteSyntax SqliteCommandSyntax Source # 
type Sql92UpdateSyntax SqliteCommandSyntax Source # 
type Sql92InsertSyntax SqliteCommandSyntax Source # 
type Sql92SelectSyntax SqliteCommandSyntax Source # 
type Sql92DdlCommandDropTableSyntax SqliteCommandSyntax Source # 
type Sql92DdlCommandAlterTableSyntax SqliteCommandSyntax Source # 
type Sql92DdlCommandCreateTableSyntax SqliteCommandSyntax Source # 

data SqliteSyntax Source #

The syntax for SQLite is stored as a Builder along with a list of data that hasn't been serialized yet.

The first argument is a function that receives a builder for SQLData and returns the concrete syntax to embed into the query. For queries sent to the backend, this is simply a function that returns "?". Thus, the syntax sent to the backend includes proper placeholders. The list of data is sent to the SQLite library for proper escaping.

When the syntax is being serialized for display (for use in beam migrate for example), the data builder attempts to properly format and escape the data. This returns syntax suitable for inclusion in scripts. In this case, the value list is ignored.

data SqliteInsertSyntax Source #

SQLite INSERT syntax. This doesn't directly wrap SqliteSyntax because we need to do some processing on INSERT statements to deal with AUTO INCREMENT columns. Use formatSqliteInsert to turn SqliteInsertSyntax into SqliteSyntax.

sqliteRenderSyntaxScript :: SqliteSyntax -> ByteString Source #

Render a SqliteSyntax as a lazy ByteString, for purposes of displaying to a user. Embedded SQLData is directly embedded into the concrete syntax, with a best effort made to escape strings.