beam-migrate- SQL DDL support and migrations support library for Beam

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Manual alternative to the CheckedDatabaseSettings mechanism.

Database schemas are given as sequences of DDL commands expressed in a beam-migrate DSL. The runMigrationSilenced function can be used to recover the CheckedDatabaseSettings that represents the database settings as well as the database predicates corresponding to the sequence of DDL commands.

This is often a more concise way of specifying a database schema when your database names are wildly different from the defaults beam assigns or you multiple constraints that make modifying the auto-generated schema too difficult.



type TableSchema be tbl = tbl (TableFieldSchema be) Source #

A table schema, produced by createTable

data TableFieldSchema be a Source #

A schema for a field within a given table

newtype FieldSchema be a Source #

A schema for a field which hasn't been named yet

BeamMigrateOnlySqlBackend be => Eq (FieldSchema be a) Source # 
Instance details

Defined in Database.Beam.Migrate.SQL.Types


(==) :: FieldSchema be a -> FieldSchema be a -> Bool #

(/=) :: FieldSchema be a -> FieldSchema be a -> Bool #