base64-0.4.2: Fast RFC 4648-compliant Base64 encoding

Copyright(c) 2019-2020 Emily Pillmore
MaintainerEmily Pillmore <>
Safe HaskellNone



This module contains the combinators implementing the RFC 4648 specification for the Base64 encoding including unpadded and lenient variants



encodeBase64 :: ShortByteString -> ShortText Source #

Encode a ShortByteString value as Base64 Text with padding.

See: RFC-4648 section 4

decodeBase64 :: ShortByteString -> Either Text ShortByteString Source #

Decode a padded Base64-encoded ShortByteString value.

See: RFC-4648 section 4

decodeBase64Lenient :: ShortByteString -> ShortByteString Source #

Leniently decode an unpadded Base64-encoded ShortByteString value. This function will not generate parse errors. If input data contains padding chars, then the input will be parsed up until the first pad character.

Note: This is not RFC 4648-compliant.

isBase64 :: ShortByteString -> Bool Source #

Tell whether a ShortByteString value is base64 encoded.

isValidBase64 :: ShortByteString -> Bool Source #

Tell whether a ShortByteString value is a valid Base64 format.

This will not tell you whether or not this is a correct Base64url representation, only that it conforms to the correct shape. To check whether it is a true Base64 encoded ShortByteString value, use isBase64.