base64- RFC 4648-compliant padded and unpadded base64 and base64url encodings

Copyright(c) 2019 Emily Pillmore
MaintainerEmily Pillmore <>
Safe HaskellNone



This module contains the combinators implementing the RFC 4648 specification for the Base64 encoding including unpadded and lenient variants



encodeBase64 :: Text -> Text Source #

Encode Text in base64 with padding.

See: RFC-4648 section 5

decodeBase64 :: Text -> Either Text Text Source #

Decode a padded base64 encoded Text value

See: RFC-4648 section 4

encodeBase64Unpadded :: Text -> Text Source #

Encode a Text in base64 without padding.

Note: in some circumstances, the use of padding ("=") in base-encoded data is not required or used. If you are absolutely sure the length of your input data is divisible by 3, this function will be the same as encodeBase64 with padding. However, if not, you may see garbage appended to output in the form of "NUL".

Only call unpadded variants when you can make assumptions about the length of your input data.

See: RFC-4648 section 3.2

decodeBase64Unpadded :: Text -> Either Text Text Source #

Decode an unpadded base64 encoded Text

See: RFC-4648 section 4