b9-0.3.1: A tool and library for building virtual machine images.

Safe HaskellNone



B9 is a library and build tool with primitive operations to run a build script inside a virtual machine and to create and convert virtual machine image files as well as related ISO and VFAT disk images for e.g. cloud-init configuration sources.

This module re-exports the modules needed to build a tool around the library, e.g. see src/cli/Main.hs as an example.

B9.ArtifactGenerator is the module containing the basic data structure used to describe a B9 build.



module B9.Builder

module Data.List

module Data.Maybe

configure :: MonadIO m => Maybe SystemPath -> B9Config -> m ConfigParser Source

Merge existingConfig with the configuration from the main b9 config file. If the file does not exists, a new config file with the given configuration will be written. The return value is a parser for the config file. Returning the raw config file parser allows modules unkown to B9Config to add their own values to the shared config file.

b9_version :: Version Source

Return the cabal package version of the B9 library.