aivika-experiment-chart-4.3: Simulation experiments with charting for the Aivika library

CopyrightCopyright (c) 2012-2015, David Sorokin <>
MaintainerDavid Sorokin <>
Safe HaskellNone



Tested with: GHC 7.10.1

The module defines HistogramView that plots the histogram collecting statistics in all integration time points and does it for every simulation run separately.



data HistogramView Source

Defines the View that plots the histogram collecting statistics for all integration time points but for each simulation run separately.




histogramTitle :: String

This is a title used in HTML.

histogramDescription :: String

This is a description used in HTML.

histogramWidth :: Int

The width of the histogram.

histogramHeight :: Int

The height of the histogram.

histogramFileName :: ExperimentFilePath

It defines the file name with optional extension for each image to be saved. It may include special variables $TITLE, $RUN_INDEX and $RUN_COUNT.

An example is

  histogramFileName = UniqueFilePath "$TITLE - $RUN_INDEX"
histogramPredicate :: Event Bool

It specifies the predicate that defines when we count data when plotting the histogram.

histogramBuild :: [[Double]] -> Histogram

Builds a histogram by the specified list of data series.

histogramTransform :: ResultTransform

The transform applied to the results before receiving series.

histogramSeries :: ResultTransform

It defines the series to be plotted on the histogram.

histogramPlotTitle :: String

This is a title used in the histogram when simulating a single run. It may include special variable $TITLE.

An example is

  histogramPlotTitle = "$TITLE"
histogramRunPlotTitle :: String

The run title for the histogram. It is used when simulating multiple runs and it may include special variables $RUN_INDEX, $RUN_COUNT and $PLOT_TITLE.

An example is

  histogramRunPlotTitle = "$PLOT_TITLE / Run $RUN_INDEX of $RUN_COUNT"
histogramPlotBars :: PlotBars Double Double -> PlotBars Double Double

A transformation based on which the plot bar is constructed for the series.

Here you can define a colour or style of the plot bars.

histogramLayout :: Layout Double Double -> Layout Double Double

A transformation of the plot layout, where you can redefine the axes, for example.

defaultHistogramView :: HistogramView Source

The default histogram view.