aivika-experiment-5.3: Simulation experiments for the Aivika library

CopyrightCopyright (c) 2012-2017 David Sorokin <>
MaintainerDavid Sorokin <>
Safe HaskellNone



Tested with: GHC 8.0.1

The module defines TableView that saves the simulation results in the CSV file(s).



data TableView Source #

Defines the View that saves the simulation results in the CSV file(s).




  • tableTitle :: String

    This is a title used in HTML.

  • tableDescription :: String

    This is a description in the HTML.

  • tableLinkText :: String

    It specifies the text for the link which is displayed in the HTML page if there is only one simulation run. The link downloads the corresponded CSV file in the browser. If there are more simulation runs, then this link is not shown.

    An example is

      tableLinkText = "Download the CSV file"
  • tableRunLinkText :: String

    It specifies the link text which is displayed in the HTML page if there are many simulation runs. Such a link downloads the CSV file for the corresponded run. To define the text, you can use special variables $LINK, $RUN_INDEX and $RUN_COUNT.

    An example is

      tableRunLinkText = "$LINK / Run $RUN_INDEX of $RUN_COUNT"

    If there is only one run, then the link of this kind is not displayed. Instead, only one link is shown, which text is defined by the tableLinkText field.

  • tableFileName :: ExperimentFilePath

    It defines the file name for each CSV file. It may include special variables $TITLE, $RUN_INDEX and $RUN_COUNT.

    An example is

      tableFileName = UniqueFilePath "$TITLE - $RUN_INDEX.csv"
  • tableSeparator :: String

    It defines the separator for the view. It delimits the cells in the rows of the CSV file.

  • tableFormatter :: ShowS

    It defines the formatter which is applied to all values before they will be written in the CSV file(s).

  • tablePredicate :: Event Bool

    It specifies the predicate that defines when we can save data in the table.

  • tableTransform :: ResultTransform

    The transform applied to the results before receiving series.

  • tableSeries :: ResultTransform

    It defines the series to save in the CSV file(s).

  • tableSeriesGridSize :: Maybe Int

    The size of the grid, where the series data are saved.

defaultTableView :: TableView Source #

The default table view.